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What are the advantages of fine screening technology?

Peter Grotjohann
Chief executive

Sorting fine material by means of a vibrating screen is much more profitable compared to other screening processes. This technology results in less wear and offers an partial and easy exchange of screen media. The low energy consumption reduces the operating costs of the screening machine compared to other types of classification.

Does HAVER NIAGARA offer potential customers the option of a screening test?

Klaus Fennenkötter
Chief engineer

In our R&D Center, we test and analyze your material with regard to grain size distribution, flowability and screening results. Our extensive experience with over 400 different materials and over 9000 performed tests guarantee the optimal technical solution for your requirements.

Which industries is the FINE-LINE successfully operating in?

Dr. Metodi Zlatev
Sales manager

The FINE-LINE is suitable for many industries where cut sizes ranging from 100μ to 3mm are required. This screening technology covers a broad range of applications, e.g. industrial minerals (quartz, limestone), raw materials and products in the building industry (quartz, sand, gypsum, dolomite). Raw materials and chemical products (inorganic fertilizer such as DAP, MAP, NPK) can also be treated.