Your benefits with HAVER FINE-LINE technology


Improve your quality

  • Ability to work with material finer than 5mm
  • Work with goods that are hard to screen
  • Increase the quality of your final product with our precise screening technology
  • Turn your waste into valuable and saleable products
» Video | FINE-LINE


Save time

  • Easy screen media change- outs reduce your maintenance time
  • Integrated feeder reduces installation height
  • Effective cleaning cycles combined with our selfcleaning-screen cloth reduce clogged particles and ensure consistent product quality
» Video | Screen cloth exchange
» Video | Integrated Feeder


Optimize your turnover

  • Reduced power consumption minimizes energy costs
  • Plant productivity will be increased by reduction of maintenance costs
  • Increase your profit per ton by reducing operating costs
  • Higher end product prices due to exact screening result Improvement of product quality leads to higher sales prices
» Diagram | Power Consumption